EXHIBIT @ FLOATING PROJECTS Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

EXHIBIT @ FLOATING PROJECTS Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

2021, Jun 01    

22 May to 30 June 2021

"I was of three minds when one bracket tells a thousand items all changes level and composition."
- GPT-2

“I Was of Three Minds” is a series of new machine learning artworks by RAY LC and STUDIO FOR NARRATIVE SPACES. The works combine diverse media like projection, sculpture, print, and video, weaving together the perspective of the machine as perceived by the human actor. Indeed the “three minds” phrase was generated by a machine-learning natural language model, inventing words in its own, yet reflecting the human concerns put into the model. The works also narrate the way machines see us, and in turn the way we perceive such machine perceptions in the current technological context. Taking the perspectives of human-machine interaction, new media, and narrative design, this exhibition explores the way humans and machines interpret each other in narrative environments. It depicts the way we perceive machine creativity and interaction, as well as the pitfalls we fall into when we succumb to the metaphor of the mind of the machine. Here’s the press release.

STUDIO FOR NARRATIVE SPACES is a collective of creative practitioners at City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media who work with neuroscientists, roboticists, performers, designers, architects to tell immersive stories and grasp how human behaviors are shaped by environmental storytelling. Members included in the JCCAC exhibition: RAY LC, Eray Ozgunay, Zeynep Erol, ZHANG Jingwei, SUN Yating, SONG Zijing, FONG Kasin, LI Yanheng, ZHANG Zhiyuan. For more information, visitor our studio’s webpage and instagram, and RAY LC’s homepage.