2021, Aug 01    

25 July to 22 August 2021

"I am always here, in this body, in this place."
- Curator Rodrigo Guzman-Serrano

The meaning of the word here is, without doubt, never fixed, but it is always referential. Here always refers to me, the speaker, the body that enunciates it. And here is always certain: there is always a here. “I’m Always Here” addresses the meaning, language, and condition of being in here through artworks that explore space as both an individual and collective concept as well as embodied, physical, and virtual. Here’s Osage Gallery and Osage Art Foundation’s press release.

At the Osage exhibition, we grouped together three of our works that narrate the notion of machine interpretation of presence through three different media of TV video, projection, and virtual reality. CATCH AND RELEASE examines the way machines see our movements, providing surprising interpretations of human existence not seen when seeing the video only from the human perspective. HOME AONE shows the way machines can interpolate between the different ways we see our spaces from quarantine to luxury space to eventually being abandoned. SOUND OF(F) narrates the reality of dreams through a sonic exploration that converts temporal sequence of music and sound to a spatial experience using machine learning. Our exhibition info is at: LC (2021).

STUDIO FOR NARRATIVE SPACES is a collective of creative practitioners at City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media who work with neuroscientists, roboticists, performers, designers, architects to tell immersive stories and grasp how human behaviors are shaped by environmental storytelling. Members included in the Osage exhibition: RAY LC, Zeynep Erol, ZHANG Jingwei, FONG Kasin, LI Yanheng, ZHANG Zhiyuan. For more information, visitor our studio’s webpage and instagram, and RAY LC’s homepage.