Prospective PhD Students.

We value ability to work independently, interdisciplinary thinking, and open, proactive communication. Most applicants to our studio have worked with us to some capacity, typically in online projects, for example in the HCIX program, or in a project of their choice. Thus communicate with us at least 5 months before graduate admissions deadlines.

We are currently recruiting PhD students with interests in:

    • human-robotic interaction
   • social computing, especially in VR-AR
   • human-AI interaction
   • technology in art and performance
We have also worked with curatorial, architectural, performance, and mechanical engineering students, and are open to interdisciplinary candidates. Students who work with us are motivated by scholarly research and publication, and we do not accept students interested only in art practice, nor self-funded students. Positions are competitive, limited to 2-3 per cycle. Previous candidates have been fully funded through the HKPFS or university RAships.

In order to process your enquiries, prepare the following: (1) show knowledge of which area of our research you are interested to work in, based on understanding of our previous publications; (2) include evidence of sustained devotion to a past idea or project, such as a portfolio and description of a previous work and your contribution; (3) include a CV with info about your current or last school and GPA (grades are not a primary determinant); (4) fill out this form.

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Research Assistants.

We accept student helpers and RAs with skills in one of the following areas: user testing, prototyping, semi-structured interviewing, data coding and analysis, social media management, video-making and editing, 3D modeling, animation, programming. The programming expertise we look for includes, but is not limited to:

    • robotics (python)
   • machine learning (pytorch tensorflow colab R chatbots)
   • web (javascript react node D3 APIs)
   • game and VR development (unity)
RAs can enroll in one of the following two programs that fit their needs:
    • remote scheme (at least 3 months, voluntary basis)
   • in-person scheme (at least 4.5 months, paid if good performance)
Participants in both schemes are involved in research that can lead to publication and exhibition opportunities. RAs and student helpers are given full credit for their work; note recent paper and exhibition credits on our website and links. Benefits also includes learning of HCI workflows, collaboration and networking opportunities, recommendation letter (if good performance), and future graduate student opportunities (if good performance). Students from CityU typically join via the Campus Internship Scheme. Interested parties should fill out this form. If the form is inaccessible in your country, you may email us the materials with the subject title '[CITYU Grad] - Your Name.'

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Undergraduate and Masters Students.

Support for FYP and masters theses are limited. Priority will be given to students who craft research proposals that can utilize the expertise and technology of our studio. The proposed research should include human-computer interaction or art-technology work, and must be scholarly in nature. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches but do not accept pure art projects. Your enquiries should indicate strong motivation for the work proposed, skills that you hope to work with, the number of hours dedicated per week, and CV. You can then fill out this form.

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About CITYU School of Creative Media.

CITYU SCM is one of the leading program in creative technology and interactive media in Asia and beyond. It is the first interdisciplinary program of its kind in Hong Kong. Our faculty includes world-leaders in computer graphics, environmental art, philosophy, documentary filmmaking, and more. Located centrally in Kowloon Tong, City University of Hong Kong is a highly ranked institution lying at the junction of East and West, fostering a unique fusion of cultures due to its international programs as well as the unique history of Hong Kong.

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