assistant professor, city university of hong kong, school of creative media

RAY practices at the boundary of spatial interactions and neuroscience for building empathic bonds, bringing together expertise in HCI, new media, and narratives. He has exhibited at Elektra, NYSCI, Ars Electronica, NeON, New Museum, CICA Museum, NYC Short Documentary Film Festival. He has been awarded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, NSF, NIH, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Adobe Design Award, Davis Peace Foundation.


Hongshen Xu

graduate student, city university of hong kong

Hongshen is a Ph.D. student at the School of Creative Media, previously earning his Masters in Game Science and Design at Northeastern University, Boston. There, he studied the relationship between Non-Playable Characters and Players by building a game that allowed participants to interact with human, animal, and robotic NPCs and examined their responses in a moral dilemma setting.


Luoying Lin

undergraduate student, southeast university, nanjing

Luoying is a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in industrial design. She believes in perceiving the world by empathizing with unfamiliar groups in depth, building a habit of perspective-taking. She is particularly interested in shader languages, 3D modeling, and interactive installation.


Suifang Zhou

graduate student, northeastern university, boston

With an interdiscipline background of psychology and visual art, Suifang is currently studying game science and design, as well as human factor engineering at Northeastern University. He is interested in human performance, visual cognition and corresponding applications in virtual environments.


Fully funded positions for highly motivated graduate students and research fellows are available. Preference will be given to open communicators not afraid to cross academic-artistic boundaries, experienced in one of: 1. interaction (HCI, HRI, performance), 2. creative tech (VR, AR, EEG, 3D, games, installation, fashion tech), 3. computation (ML, CV, robotics), 4. neuropsychology (spatial interaction, implicit learning). Contact RAY and see link below.