Rethinking Pain Communication of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease Through E-Textile Interaction Design.

Contradiction pushes me to improvise: Performer Expressivity and Engagement in Distanced Movement Performance Paradigms.

IN/ACTive: A Distance-Technology-Mediated Stage for Performer-Audience Telepresence and Environmental Control.

Exploring Design Opportunities for Reflective Conversational Agents to Reduce Compulsive Smartphone Use.

TOGETHER ENOUGH: Collaborative Constructions of Adaptations to Climate Futures.

HUMAN ENOUGH: A Space for Reconstructions of AI Visions in Speculative Climate Futures.

I Am a Mirror Dweller: Probing the Unique Strategies Users Take to Communicate in the Context of Mirrors in Social Virtual Reality.

DreamVR: Curating an Interactive Exhibition in Social VR Through an Autobiographical Design Study.

Community-Driven Information Accessibility: Online Sign Language Content Creation within d/Deaf Communities.

Nice to meet you!: Expressing Emotions with Movement Gestures and Textual Content in Automatic Handwriting Robots.

Gesture-Bot: Design and Evaluation of Simple Gestures of a Do-it-yourself Telepresence Robot for Remote Communication.

Presentation of Self in Machine Life: A Human-Machine Performance.

I Never Imagined Grandma Could Do So Well with Technology: Evolving Roles of Younger Family Members in Older Adults' Technology Learning and Use.

Designing narratives and data visuals in comic form for social influence in climate action.

Twilight Rohingya: The Design and Evaluation of Different Navigation Controls in a Refugee VR Environment.

Cohesiveness of Robots in Groups Affects the Perception of Social Rejection by Human Observers.

Narrating Climate Change: Speculative data stories in comic form for affecting climate action.

AI as Active Writer: Interaction strategies with generated text in human-AI collaborative fiction writing.

Designing for Distance Nursing: Reconnecting nursing students with senior home residents during COVID-19.

Imitations of Immortality: Learning from Human Imitative Examples in Transformer Poetry Generation.

Designing for Narrative Influence: Speculative Storytelling for Social Good in Times of Public Health and Climate Crises.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't: Revealing personality and narratives from playful interactions with machines being watched.

Machine Gaze: Self-Identification Through Play With a computer Vision-Based Projection and Robotics System.